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Friday May 28th, 2021


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[00:00:00] Davor: [00:00:00] What's up everybody. Welcome to the real estate panel, episode four, as always, we have Mike elites, melody, and without, and today we'll be tapping the subject of what to do to get your home ready for sale. A simple statistical fact is that investing your time, energy, and resources into the following suggestions.

[00:00:27] May help you get thousands more on your home. Nowadays, many listings are going for record-breaking prices. If most buyers will first see your home online, having two ready to go for the photo video shoot is very important. Wondering where to start. I'll let lovely melody help you with that

[00:00:49] Melody: [00:00:49] melody. There we go.

[00:00:51] Thank you so much. I'm melody. I am from Toronto and I'm with Forrest hill brokerage in Yorkville in Toronto. [00:01:00] So let's talk about the realtor walkthrough. So I will take the time to walk you through your home, room by room to discuss possible improvements that you can do with little to no out-of-pocket expenses.

[00:01:14] I will only suggest things that will help you decrease your days in the market and increase your profits to help you get top dollar for your home. Let's also talk about changing light bulbs and updating light fixtures. So it's easy to forget about all the bulbs that have burnt out over the years. But you will want your home to be as bright as possible.

[00:01:33] Lighting makes an incredible difference. Please ensure every ball is working, including lamps, landscaping, lights, and the light over your oven, because we will have all of these on when we're taking photos. Another tip is to get some boxes, a big part of the adventure. You're about to embark on what involves removing clutter.

[00:01:53] You can find free boxes on the local Facebook market, neighborhood market pages, those pages on Facebook. [00:02:00] Think of it as a, getting ahead, getting a headstart on moving. You want your home clutter-free so the new owner can picture themselves living there. So box of anything you are not using organized posits and pantries, and think of your last visit to a model homeless is more.

[00:02:19] And another tip is about storage units or garages. So consider it storing any boxes, clutter, bulky furniture, or pieces in the toys, in the storage unit, or neatly in the garage. If your furniture is old, damaged, and worn, and may be best to show that room empty. And lastly, another tip is to make an extra set of keys.

[00:02:41] I think we all know how much the agents love lockboxes. This is definitely something to keep in mind, prospective buyers and their agents will need access to your home for showings. So you'll need an extra set of pieces of the lockbox. Agents will only access your home upon approved showings by you and the listing agent and [00:03:00] brokerage, but don't worry.

[00:03:01] Emotionally things are scheduled about 24 hours in advance. Over you over to you, Mike, with some more information.

[00:03:08] Mike: [00:03:08] Thanks melody. It's Mike, Chris from Royal, a page Metrotown and Holton health in the same continued theme. I mean, we want to talk, continue to talk to you about, you know, minimizing your costs but getting more value for your home.

[00:03:22] So a lot of decluttering melody made some great comments on that. I would also tell you elbow grease, getting in there, scrubbing and cleaning make such a big difference. And, you know, when you think of your bathrooms as a starting point, there is an area that those counters should be wiped off and cleaned.

[00:03:40] And when you think of bathroom guys, I always think of white and bright. So, you know, maybe get some new white towels on those towel racks. Again, minimal spend new shower curtain. What a huge difference laundry room. I mean, how much clutter have we seen in our own laundry room? So, you know, get the clutter out of there.

[00:03:58] Maybe pick up a couple of [00:04:00] those, you know, inexpensive baskets where you can, you know, neatly stack your stuff and you're good to go. Next is the home of the house. And that is the kitchen. I mean, that is the place that. You know, almost every new buyer is going to start in. So when you think of the kitchen, I mean, wipe it down, get the stove, clean the microwave queen, get the counters cleaned off, you know, those refrigerators and all those pictures and stuff that we have in there.

[00:04:27] Wipe that stuff off there should be a clean fridge and you know, another great tip for is, you know, putting on looking at some beautiful flowers behind the least today, get some flowers in your kitchen. I mean, it's inexpensive. It smells great. And it really does freshen it up. You know, as far as the bedrooms go.

[00:04:45] Nothing worse than when you walk into a bedroom and you see, you know an exercise machine or you see, you know, furniture that shouldn't be there, get that stuff out of there. So you've got more room and, you know, a buyer's going to walk in, they're going to see a water space. [00:05:00] And what about a new on the bed again?

[00:05:02] Minimal costs, but it really does freshen up that bedroom. When I think of the master closets you know, over. Overhung in shoes all over the place, get that stuff put away, make it look sparse because it'll look a lot roomier. And the last one for you folks is plumbing. I mean, you know, a leaky faucet doesn't cost a lot to fix, but it can really, really turn off a buyer.

[00:05:28] So, you know, get that fixed. And you know, I would say even changing a faucet, maybe a kitchen faucet is going to make a huge difference in all of these things. Great return on your investment. Elise would those beautiful flowers over to you?

[00:05:43] Elyse: [00:05:43] Thanks, Mike. My name's Elise Bouwmeester I'm with red and white Realty in the Waterloo region.

[00:05:48] I'm going to talk about a couple of rooms in your home. So I want to start with the front entranceway. Remember that most buyers will have an emotional reaction to your home within 15 [00:06:00] seconds of entering it. So what they experience at the entrance is critical. You want your entrance or your front yard to be clean, decluttered, and inviting.

[00:06:09] You can paint your front door, invest in some new throw pillows or cushions, or even some patio furniture. Add some fresh flowers to a planter, whole weeds, and put away your hose. Check out the local Home Depot for a fresh new affordable. Welcome, that simple reeds. Power wash the exterior and the driveway.

[00:06:29] If you heat it, keep the front porch swept before showings. Your front entranceway is going to set the tone for your entire home. So when you were buyer walks in, you want them to say, wow, look at this house. This is beautiful because they are going to carry that impression throughout the entire house.

[00:06:49] Something that I'm going to be doing tonight with my new listing is putting some plants and at the front entrance and really making it inviting to people next we're going to move to [00:07:00] the living room. So in the living room, you want to make sure that you're decluttering this space. You want your buyer to be able to imagine themselves in there, set up a conversational area, clean the sofa with some new throw pillows.

[00:07:15] And make sure that you hide wires, hide wires from your TV, and any other electronics that you have, especially for photo day, because these can be so distracting and they're going to take away from your space. Depersonalize. It. Remove any family photos, and then just put out a few accent pieces. So like I said, a plant of bays next we're going to go into the Le or to the dining room.

[00:07:39] So with the dining room, you also want to make sure that you're decluttering this area. If you have a China cabinet, get rid of everything and then just place a few pieces in there. You don't want this to be distracting them from a beautiful dining area and not all homes have dining areas anymore. So this could be a selling feature to your home.

[00:07:57] Don't distract your buyer, keep it simple and clean. [00:08:00] The table could have one small centerpiece on it. Next, we're going to go into the backyard. This is so important right now, people are spending so much time at home. You want to make sure that your yard is clean. Your grass is cut, your weeds are pulled, and that it's very inviting, create a little conversation area and help your buyers imagine themselves relaxing in their brand new backyard.

[00:08:22] So here's a couple of things that you can do throughout your house. Easy, cheap, some of it free, and some of it. Very cost-efficient or very cost-effective so personal items, make sure that you get rid of all personal items. Think of your home as an investment that you're trying to get top dollar for. You will want your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible, and this is only going to happen if they can picture themselves in your house.

[00:08:48] So take a walk through your house and just imagine yourself as a buyer. And then I want you to look at all of your personal items and I want you to think, okay, am I going to donate this? Am I going to store this? Or am I going to throw it away? [00:09:00] It's a pain to store all of your items. So don't pack up anything that you don't plan to bring to the new house, and then anything that you don't need consider donating it.

[00:09:09] There is probably a ton of places in your area that are looking for donations. And last but not least. I want to talk about paging because I truly believe that painting is the best bang for your buck. Go through your house. And if you see a room that, you know, needs a fresh coat of paint, do it. I like colors.

[00:09:28] Make small spaces look a lot bigger. So buyers are really going to like a nice, fresh coat of paint. And don't forget about the baseboards and the ceilings as well. Okay. Debar over to you.

[00:09:40] Davor: [00:09:40] Thanks, Elise great stuff. One thing all of us ought to do is make lists. I think in this case, a list of all the little stuff that we've been avoiding tackling, including the leaky faucets, replacing air filters, and your HVAC system will picture holes in a wall.

[00:09:57] We all have those, et cetera, et [00:10:00] Cetera, and make sure these are completed before listing. There are also some common sense items that don't cost anything except some elbow grease. Of course. Such as get the windows cleaned, get the carpet cleaners do the final cleanup, the once-over at the end, make sure everything's sparkling.

[00:10:19] While all of these can be done by yourself, bringing in a professional, something you should consider we'll ensure that everything is in tip-top shape for photoshoots and the showings. In addition to this also make plans for your pets. If you have them make storage plans for the good stuff. We all love our kids.

[00:10:38] The buyers might not want to look at your four-year-olds fingerpaint things or Lego structures. You have to dock lastly, make your house smell good. I recommend Sixers in a floral sense. They win every time and they work better. As a bonus. If applicable, considered staging in place, [00:11:00] having a professional stager fade, your home is known to attract more buyers.

[00:11:05] Finally brings it to the photo and video shoot. This is the time for the photographer and videographer to work their magic. This is what we're sort of aiming for at the end. This usually happens a few days before you list your home for sale. Natural light is very important. So plan to have all lights on and blinds up for this day, but the showings and these are merely suggestions.

[00:11:32] We're not saying this is a must. For that extra fine touch considerably need some bottled water on the kitchen counter along with a welcome, no buyers. Love this stuff. Open blinds to let the natural light in turn light music on and lights on. If possible and security, valuable items such as medication, cast, jewelry, et cetera.

[00:11:56] We don't want any of that to go you know, walk away out of the [00:12:00] house. Woo. We're done. This is it for the checklist folks. Oh, one last final note with everything on the checklist can be accomplished in as little as a week or bill, or even sooner, more importantly, you can do as little or as much of this as you want.

[00:12:16] It's entirely up to you. I mean, you can choose to do all of it. You can choose to do one or two things more. You do better chances. There is for your home to fetch higher price and sale date. So, okay, now we're done for sure. So with this as always, we are the real estate panel and we are here to touch on all of the subjects that we deem to be important to our buyers and our seller clients.

[00:12:42] If you want us to tackle the particular subject, all you need to do is add in comments below or otherwise like the next week.

[00:12:54] Elyse: [00:12:54] Bye.


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